Healing. Immortality. Perseverance. Endurance. Rebirth.

The acanthus thrives in the sunlight...don’t we all?? She can stay dormant for years, but regenerate whenever she feels like it...Yup! That's very humanesque! She can literally flush away any poisons inside the body...Purging toxic shit from our lives...YES, PLEASE!

The acanthus is here to remind you how powerful you are. She urges you to soak up all that makes you thrive. She ever so kindly reminds you that rest is essential. And, after that rest and healing, you're made to come back and make your mark! She's seen and loved by so many and her symbolism is iconic...So are you.

All vintage spoon rings are made from silver, silver plate, or stainless steel and perfected into unique, one of a kind pieces by Harper Hill. 

Size 7

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